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7 Reasons Why Fridays Are The Best Day To Eat Fish

There are many great benefits to eating fish throughout the week, but we think Friday is by far the best day to indulge in some of the ocean's best provisions, here are 7 reasons why:

  1.  Your eyes, heart, lungs and skin will thank you all weekend for loading up on omega-3s. 
  2.  Weekend euphoria starts when you share a bottle of wine and oysters with good company.
  3.  You burned 1,000 calories in that Orange Theory class so you could indulge in the Southern Fried Seafood Platter later. 
  4.  You've been dreaming about the Mixed Oysters and Shrimp since Monday.
  5.  Plank Seafood Provisions + Happy Hour = FriYAY.
  6.  Friday happens to be one of the several days we receive deliveries for our fish.
  7.  Your healthy Friday choices may turn into healthy Saturday choices, helping you Keep Your New Year's Resolution to Get Healthy.

In truth, every day is a great day to reap the benefits brought to us from the deep blue sea, Fridays are just a lot more fun. 

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There are many great benefits to eating fish throughout the week, but here are 7 reasons why Friday is by far the best day to indulge in some of the ocean's best provisions.

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